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Accounting from 125 EUR/month in Latvia

Nice of you to visit the Contus LV SIA page again!

You are not mistaken, the price of our services really starts from 125 EUR plus VAT per month. Our office is Jelgava and he can remotely provide services throughout Latvia and Lithuania.

Such a price for accounting services is available closed joint-stock companies that have a small turnover documents for any reason.

We calculate the price of accounting services very simply and clearly. The work of an accountant in Latvia is paid according to the number of employees and documents, and the price is arranged in steps starting from the minimum price of 125 EUR. You can find the steps here.

In other words, you pay us not for the fact that we exist, but for the performed accounting operations, which is equivalent to the wasted time of our employees. As you grow and need to perform more transactions, our service fee will increase in line with your growth. If it sometimes happens that for some reason your sales, and at the same time the number of operations and people, will decrease, the amount paid to us will also decrease accordingly.

Write to us by e-mail or call +371 251 038 69 and sign an accounting services contract with us now.

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