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Changing the accountant

Have you also have been thinking to change an accountant?

Many people have been thinking to change accountant, so you are not alone here.  Given the fact that todays accounting is made with the help of software it is not difficult to change the accountant. Sometimes one can also earn on this change. It happens in such case, when previous accountant or the accounting company has used the time inneficiently and therefore the price has been above the market price.

However, the price is not always the main argument to change accountant or accounting company. Often one is not happy with the availability of accountant or the quality of accounting does not meet the required quality criteria.

If you have decided to change accountant, so we will help you with the process and the change itself will cost nothing assuming the accounting is kept on-line. If accounting is not online, you may need our service called accounting for the past periods.

Why one should change an accountant?

There may be many reasons why one would like to change an accountant. Many accounting firms in Lithuania is a small 1-4 employee companies. Many of them do not have the adequate systems, quality control, business organizations, staff substitution and it is often reflects in the quality of the work performed by them. Often, small accounting firms have limited human resources and at certain times it may be difficult to contact your accountant. Sooner or later poor availability of the accountant transforms into seriouos quality problems because of poor communication between client and accountant.

  • Better service
  • Wider range of services
  • Better communication to accountant
  • Better accounting routines
  • Better accounting software
  • Lower total cost accounting

What time is best to change the accountant?

Many people are changing accountant at the end of the financial year, allowing the old accountant to submit tax declarations and financial statements for the previous year. This seems logical, but in this world of information technology, the financial statement and tax declaration information can be easily transferred electronically, so there is no need to wait until the end of the year. In fact it is enough to wait for the end of the month – and one can easily and seamlessly change the accountant.

How the change itself is going on?

We will guide you through the entire process of change of accountant. Remember that in order to have smooth process of submission declarations to Sodra and Tax Inspectorate, in addition to the accounting agreement, you should give us special power of attorneys to Sodra and Tax Inspectorate to submit declarations in your name, as well as power of attorney to Centre of Registers to submit annual report for you. We will provide you with these forms together with accounting agreement. Also, we can contact your accountant, and get the necessary data from your previous accountant.

Do not forget a termination period of agreement with previous accountant

As a rule, the accounting firm has a certain period of  contract termination. It usually ranges from 1 to 6 months. When you decide to change an accountant, you have to inform your old accountant about the termination of the contract. If your accountant is an employee, then the terms and payment amounts described in the Labour Code are in place.  

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