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Accounting and company incorporation in Latvia

Contus LV, SIA is company belonging to pan-Scandinavian accounting chain Contus. Except of the office in Jelgava, Latvia, we currently having two offices in two major Lithuanian cities Vilnius and Kaunas, as well as offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway and Oslo, Vilnius.
We naturally welcome pan European and especially Swedish and Norwegian customers mainly because of our pan-Scandinavian presence. Our chain has Baltic roots, so today we rapidly expand in these four markets.

Speaking about the quality of our accounting company incorporation services in Lithuania, we want to stress that the quality is ensured by both long term experience of our employees, which together exceeds 350 years and by membership in Contus chain and therefore the obligation to maintain the quality control procedures, which are in line with the rest of group. For cross border transactions we can rely on experience of highly qualified Contus employees in Norway, Sweden and Lithuania.

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