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Limited liability company formation

Company formation in Lithuania, is a process which requires practical experience and the knowledge or corporate legislation. We could not call ourselves for legal experts, but we quickly can incorporate and sell you a Lithuanian limited liability company for a competitive price of 260 €.

Establishing company in our name and selling it today is a fastest way for a foreigner to establish a company in Lithuania, especially if establishing is made the electronic way. We can establish the company using traditional means, but then one should add a price of notary which is ca 140 €. Also one should expect other costs, like translation, apostilization of the documents etc.

A rebate to this price is possible if the company you are asking us to establish will be going to use our accounting service. The price for accounting service starts from 87 € plus VAT, you can calculate your monthly accounting price in the accounting price calculator.

Incorporation process takes 5 days.

Order UAB/MB formation for 260 €

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