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Price list for incorporation of companies in Latvia

If you are going to use Contus LV accounting services, then you will receive a 30 € discount from the prices, shown below. This discount you will receive with a third monthly invoice for the accounting services.

The monthly price for Contus LV accounting services starts from 120 € plus VAT. More exactly you can estimate the monthly price for our accounting services using the price calculator.

Buy normal SIA

300 €

Buy normal SIA.
Standard SIA.

Standard incorporation documents, Paysera account,

Paid capital of 2800 €,

Company seal, guaranteed clean company.

Buy small SIA

300 €

Incorporation of small SIA.
Small capital SIA.

Standard incorporation documents,

Company seal.

Foreign entity

100 €

Register foreign company.
Tax registration in LV.

Filled and submitted application to register the foreign company in the register of taxpayers in Latvia.

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